Shree Yamuna Enterprise is the expert in the import, procurement and distribution of natural and artificial sugar substitutes, sweeteners, preservatives and other products.

  • No 1 in India for distribution of aspartame

  • ‘Best product at best price’ guarantee

  • Products suitable for industrial use

  • No middleman – direct interaction with major clients

  • Food, beverage, dairy, bakeryand other industries

  • Association with world’s best sweetener manufacturers across items


As we understand these industries and their demands, we are well placed to recommend blends for different specific requirements. For instance, the sweetener formulations needed for different foods and beverages are quite different from each other.

With our years of experience in the industry, we can advise clients on the right blend for each need, including for the below products.


Jams | Jellies | Ketchups | Carbonated Drinks | Non-Carbonated Drinks | Fruit Drinks | Biscuits | Ice-Cream

With branches in Gujarat and Mumbai, we work with clients around the country with direct interaction and sale. This resultsin reduced dependence on middlemen, increased efficiency and an improved relationship built between Shree Yamuna and our clients. This also helps us better advise on the right mix for your unique needs.

Shree Yamuna Enterprise is the number one supplier and distributor in India of aspartame, with the largest market share for aspartame in the country. Our partner SinoSweet Co. Ltd. is the world’s largest manufacturer of aspartame, with as much as 12,000 MT of aspartame produced annually.

We work with the world’s best manufacturers across items, equipped with the machinery and infrastructure to keep standards high. We ensure that our manufacturer partners hold all possible certificates and testimonials. Our principals’ technical teams present us with all technical data and certifications, in order to better support our clients.

Our clients remain with us over the years thanks to our prompt service and our ‘best product at best price’ guarantee.Our qualified, dedicated team works with a professional aptitude, aiming to understand the needs of our clients in order to provide the global-best available solution. That’s how we commit to providing world-class products at an affordable price. Every time.